Our cases

Google Ads for eCommerce Poland-Germany


The main objective was to increase and improve the performance of advertising campaigns in Google ads

Advertising campaigns for low, medium and high frequencies were created. Shopping campaigns launched.

Dynamic Search Campaigns and Dynamic Remarketing Launched

The site has implemented transaction tracking, as well as settings that allow you to run dynamic remarketing

Automatic hand-written scripts were worked out, which allowed us to get good performance for advertising campaigns.

€17,702 was ad spent

€109,725 was achieved

6.2 ROAS

x6 was made

Реклама для европейского магазина товаров для дома, который продавал свои товары на территории Польши, Чехии, Венгрии и Румынии Нами была разработана структура взаимодействия и разработаны рекламные кампании, которые прорабатывали целевую аудиторию на каждом этапе воронки. Благодаря этому удалось эффективно масштабироваться…