Our cases

Lead generation European Recruiting Company


Lead generation for a European company since the start of the pandemic.

We launched a large number of advertising campaigns on social networks, developing dozens of static and dynamic creatives.

Since the start of cooperation, $ 2,481 has been spent to give 11,191 leads with a final cost of $ 0.22 per lead

Google Ads for eCommerce Poland-Germany
The main objective was to increase and improve the performance of advertising campaigns in Google ads Advertising campaigns for low, medium and high frequencies were created. Shopping campaigns launched. Dynamic Search Campaigns and Dynamic Remarketing Launched The site has implemented…
x100 PPC Facebook+Google Ads Event Promotion
Global marketing campaign in Poland. More than 6 months of collaboration and 8 cities in Poland. During project, we launched banner ads on sites in the Google advertising network, search advertising in Google, and video ads on YouTube. We launched…