Our cases

x100 PPC Facebook+Google Ads Event Promotion


Global marketing campaign in Poland. More than 6 months of collaboration and 8 cities in Poland.

During project, we launched banner ads on sites in the Google advertising network, search advertising in Google, and video ads on YouTube. We launched Facebook advertising reach and marketing strategies. We also launched our own chat bots.

More than 100 advertising creatives have been developed. Static, dynamic, video.

$66,124 budget was spent. We achieved sales of $245,300 in online and more than $350,000 сollectively including offline and online sales

ROI 600%

x6 was made

Our case study on selling modular homes in the Czech Republic showcases an effective digital marketing strategy tailored to engage with the target audience through four touchpoints in advertising. Leveraging tools like Google Ads and Meta Ads, we optimized our…
Promotion of an international online store selling hobby goods A structure of advertising campaigns has been developed to interact with the audience at each stage of the funnel: Cold traffic, Remarketing, Upselling The peculiarity of the project is the high…